Midway Rattery started with a dream.

We got our first rats when we were 16, from a rescue in New England. Unfortunately, the pair grew tumors and developed extreme aggression. After this first pair , we decided to try again. In 2015, we found an ad for hairless rats in Sacramento, about two hours away from our city of San Jose. We took in three hairless bucks, a black hooded doe, two siamese bucks, and a black berkshire doe. The breeder agreed to take them all back if things didn’t work out, but knew that it would be a good fit. These rats gave kisses, wanted to be around people. I had never seen hairless before, and was thrilled. We decided (with guidance from our breeder) to give breeding a try. Now, we still have stock leading back to those hairless lines, and couldn’t be happier with our progress.

We are a bin and cage breeder. Our adults are kept in bins and totes with ventilated sides. We do NOT socialize our babies. All babies are temperament tested at 2,4, and 6 weeks for this reason, we do not do reserves. We breed for genetic temperament and health. All breeders are treated like pets, and are given high quality food and bedding. We are happy to call ourselves breeders and will help any adopters in any way we can. Thank you!